How Good Is A Hamsters Sense of Smell?

If you have a hamster, probably you know he’s a very good friend as well as cutie pie and he’s always sniffing out something or another. To maintain a bond with your hamster, you’ll need to handle or taking care of your hamster regularly.  Do hamsters really have a great sense of smell? Yes, they have exceptional noses as they rely on their sharp sense of smell to alert them to food sources. The smell is your hamster’s first sense he uses when navigating his cage and figuring things out about you.

However, hamsters do not have good eyesight and so evenly only rely on the sense of smell to survive. Their sense of smell will tell your hamster if there are any predators around, if there is food, and if there’s another hammy nearby.

It’s true, humans don’t have a great nose or good sense of smell. But hamsters have it. Though, hamsters hate citrus scents, since the smell is overwhelming for them. As it usually happens with pets that have keep sense of smell, hamsters can easily tell what you did. What you ate, who you just hugged, or where those shoes have been and much more. That’s why be careful while handling your hamster.

How far can a hamster's smell?

You might have noticed that your hamster approaches new situations nose first and is well proficient at smelling out their favorite foods, even if they are well hidden all around their cage.

It is estimated that hamsters can smell up to 30 meters away, which is why they can tell who their owners are if any other animals such as pets are lying close by and if another hamster is in the same room.

What smells do hamsters hate?

Hamsters communicate with one another through pheromones, so can let each other know their feelings and emotions. This can comprise whether they want to play, to mate, or if they should simply stay away. Also, hamsters hate smells such as flowers, air fresheners, and even fabric softeners. You should be wary of wearing perfumes, deodorants, or handling your hamster having washed your hands with scented soap.

At last, hamsters are not lovers of citrus smells, so it is a good idea to put your fruit bowl somewhere else.

Why do hamsters sneeze?

Yes, hamsters can sneeze like humans, and most of the time it is just because of a tickle in their nose or due to a bit of dust that is causing a reaction. But in case, sneezing becomes more persistent then it could be a sign that something is wrong with your hamster and you need to take care of it.

One of the key reasons behind your hamster may sneeze is if it catches a cold through interactions with its owners or via other hamsters who are harboring the virus. A hamster that is left in the chilly room or located near windows or doors is also vulnerable to catching a cold. Moreover, allergies also cause hamsters to repeatedly sneeze and can affect their other senses too.

Can Hamsters Smell their Owners?

Yes, as of hamster is equipped with an acute sense of smell, they can distinguish humans by our own unique scent. Hence, if someone is handling their hamster regularly, they should be able to recognize you by smell. Well, you can also try using the same tone of your voice while talking to them and you may soon notice that your hamster starts stand on its hind legs during the time you enter into the room as they can smell or hear you and they are looking for some extra attention from you.

We hope that you have found enough information or more about your hammies sense of smell.

(Disclaimer: The information contained on this blog is just for informational purposes only. Though, it’s not guaranteed to be precise and perfect and we believe that every pet is unique in its own way and requires different attention)



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