5 Cutest White Bunny Breeds

Rabbits or bunnies are small mammals with fluffy tails, whiskers, and distinctive long ears. Did your even know that there are almost more than 30 species around the world, and also they live in many different environment, though they have lots of things in common.

Rabbits are usually herbivores, eating a diet entirely of grasses and other plants. As of their diet contains so much of cellulose, they pass two different kinds of feces to completely break down their food. Bunnies are accurately clean animals and are easy to house break and train.

We all know that rabbits come in multiple colors and reveal a variety of markings. Though, this article only focuses on white rabbit breeds –some of the rabbits are comes in a particular breed, while some others are exclusively white in colors. Moreover, many white color bunnies have luxurious fur that requires more care and temperament of every breed will vary with each breed.

In this article, we provide you detailed information about 7 cutest white bunnies around the world.

5 White Rabbit Breeds

Hulstlander Rabbit

This rabbit has pale blue eyes and a pure white coat that is shiny and short. It is a Dutch breed developed in Holland in the 1970’s and are also known as Hussies. The weight they get is almost around 5 pounds, and they have broad shoulders, thick ears, and dense coat. This breed is quite playful and intrusive but aren’t ideal as family pets but if they stressed out or become uncomfortable, they panic and try to hide it.

White Vienna Rabbit

White Vienna Rabbit is a cute bunny with soft blue eyes and created by an Australian man. However, this is one of the most popular breeds in Europe as they are prolific breeders and make a perfect meat rabbit. Also, they have fine, shiny, white coat with the fur trade, and this breed is in the show ring too. This bunny breed has a very calm nature and temper, so it could be a good pets for families with older children.

New Zealand White Rabbit

This New Zealand White Rabbit are white in color because they bring a gene that causes them to be albino. Their coats are snowy white and they have bright ruby-red-eyes. They have a well-rounded body that is muscular and plump haunches, big ol’ ears, they’re smart, and they’re playful. These White Rabbits can reach anywhere from 9-12 pounds; depending on their age and gender, however males tend to be smaller.

Also, as of their intelligent and friendly natures, New Zealand white rabbits came to be used not just for food, but as companions –and they’re fairly prevalent.

Florida White Rabbit

This white rabbit breed is a relatively small rabbit, with a round, compact body a short neck, and should weigh between 4-6 pounds. However, their body type is commercial and the appearance of their body is the most important for show judges. It is be fine-boned buy with a well-developed body.

Moreover, their thick ears are not that large and generally stand upright, but can fall on either side of their small, round heads. Hindquarters, back, and shoulders are well muscled, especially for such a small rabbit. The rearmost part of their body is somewhat than it is at the shoulders. This breed coat is short, soft, and they do not tend to shed much, so weekly grooming with a stiffened brush should be fine. Florida white rabbits live an average of 5-8 years. They’re playful, affectionate, and well-mannered, and they make really wonderful pets.

White Flemish Giant Rabbit

The Flemish Giant White Rabbit is also known as “King of Rabbits” due to its large size, longevity, and personality. These huge size rabbits can reach an immense size very quickly. However, by the age of seven or eight weeks of age, Flemish giants can already weigh four pounds or more.

Moreover, it is a lovable, sweet companion that can be kept inside, and he blends well into family life. The Flemish Giant has short fur. It needs only minor weekly grooming to keep the coat in good shape. Brush once a week with a slicker brush, if the rabbit is molting, brush them twice a week. Flemish Giant is a healthy breed that lives around five years but can live up into the teens.

(Disclaimer: The information contained on this blog is just for informational purposes only. Though it’s not guaranteed to be precise and perfect and we believe that every pet is unique in its own way and requires different attention)




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