10 Interesting Facts about Rabbits

Bunnies and Rabbits are the same animals. They have very special characteristics that differentiate them for other creatures in the animal kingdom. However, pet rabbits are quite fascinating! They can be energetic and adorable, making them great pets for children and adults alike.

Learning new and interesting facts about rabbits will help you provide them with a better life and if you have one, help you build a better relationship with them. So, are you curious to learn more about your favorite pet? There is so much to know about it!
Rabbits are complex animals with lots of traits and characteristics, so below we have put together 10 interesting facts about pooch rabbit.

180+ Breeds

There are almost 180+ rabbit breeds across the world, however, these breeds are generally differentiated by lop ears, length of hair, and size of the rabbit. Well, there are multiples features differ from breed to breed.


Generally, rabbits weigh between 3-20 pounds depending on the breed. An adult rabbit can grow upto 40 centimeters in length and weigh between 1.2 -2 Kgs. Both male and female rabbits are similar in size, however, young rabbits are smaller.

Strange Lifestyle

Rabbits usually living in wild environments live underground in groups with other rabbits. They live with their families and feel much safer with them. However, the ‘caves’ where rabbits live are known as burrows. This is the simple reason behind why pet rabbits like tunnels so much or often easily pass between your legs. Moreover, during summers, it is recommended to provide them ventilation, ice, and water at almost every moment.

When Rabbits are Happy

Whenever a rabbit is happy they even cannot hide it with humans, they are known for their expressive creatures and more about when they want to imply that they feel happy. In times of excitement, rabbits behave in a cute, crazy, and particular way. They begin to make sequences of somewhat wild movements, including running frantically, jumps in the air, and sudden turns.

Rabbits are Vegan!

You probably know that rabbits are totally Vegan. That is, they eat absolutely nothing of animal origin. Rabbits love to eat dishes which filled with vegetables and fruits. However, their body, especially their digestive system, works actively and constantly so that the intestinal transit does not stop. Without fruits and vegetables, they could become malnourished and even die.

Rabbits have lots of babies

One of the most important things about rabbits that impresses humans is the ease they have to create offspring. A female can produce a litter every 28 or 30 days. Though, their gestation process is violent but very fast. The problem is that you then you will have so many bunnies in the house. Well, if someone wants to prevent these things then the best is to sterilize your rabbit in due times.

Rabbit’s Purr when they’re Happy!

Though, it’s not at all same as a cat’s purr. When they’re actually happy, releases sounds like teeth chattering or light crunching. Every bunny parents knows that this is the sweetest sound ever.

Rabbits are Prey Animals

Rabbits who are sick or in pain will try to hide it as much as possible for them. Somehow if rabbits are frightened may run or jump away so quickly and easily so that they can hurt themselves. However, it is quite essential for every pet parents to pay close attention to their behaviors or even try not to scare him or her.

Rabbits Nails and Teeth Never Stop Growing

Like us, rabbit’s nails and teeth grows constantly and requires trim almost about every 6-8 weeks. Always ensure to monitor every activities of your rabbit, especially their eating habits. Even 12 hours without food can be deadly for them.

Rabbits have Different Personalities

Rabbits are never be like cats or dogs, as they have unique characters and personalities. So if you are planning to adopt a bunny for you, make sure that your rabbit will get along with other companions available at your home. Though, bonding will takes a lot of time and energy. Hence, sometimes it might be dangerous to put two pets together in the same house who don’t even know each other.

(Disclaimer: The information contained on this blog is just for informational purposes only. Though, it’s not guaranteed to be precise and perfect and we believe that every pet is unique in its own way and requires different attention)



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